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800 Corporate Drive Ste 334 Stafford, VA 22554 9420 Annapolis Rd. Ste 205 Lanham, MD 20706 Phone: 877-518-1618 Email: info@homecareconsultancy.com

Individualized Attention

ELITE HealthCare Consulting operates on a per case basis, making sure that we provide special and appropriate attention to every company concern that is brought to us.

  • We form a team of individual experts who are adept in their independent fields.
  • They work together to provide solutions to our client's special business concern.
  • We present the solution and work with the client until the project's completion.

Our individualized attention approach is geared towards giving the highest quality of healthcare solutions which are different and distinctive in their nature. We would like to know how we can uniquely serve you today, please call us for an appointment.

What Makes Us Different?

As a consulting agency, we set ourselves apart from other companies via:

  • providing a wide-array of consulting services for various healthcare sub-specialties;
  • working on an individualized approach to ensure client satisfaction;
  • looking for ways to improve customer services and operational efficiencies;
  • taking on each case from the first assessment up to full completion.

With us, you can be sure that we give you the most individualized business solution that is perfect for your current healthcare need. Get to know more about what makes our consulting services unique by contacting us today.


CALL: 877-287-3079

Our Mission Statement

We provide specialized healthcare solutions for your individualized business needs. From home health, to policies and procedure, and personnel training – we make sure that you get the best start for your clinical practice, franchise, or existing business. We focus on delivering to you the most innovative and cost-effective customer-service designs and operational models to enable you to achieve optimum business returns without compromising client satisfaction.


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